“Google Students Community-Dehradun Institute of Technology” has put on some efforts to bring out the digital footprints of the local business such that the internet connectivity proves fruitful for the people. Google-maps have always been a boon when there has been no other alternative to search for places globally. ”INDIA’S DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS” has been a social awareness campaign and till now we have been successful in bringing 100 local business online. This is the best way for marketing as well, most appropriate word being ‘DIGITAL MARKETING’ because the world is getting dependent on the expanding network and it improves management, advertisement and the rate of ‘GDP’ (Gross Domestic Product). ‘The Kathi Xpress’-Dehradun and ‘OM PETROL PUMP’-Mussorie being two of the examples. The students have really worked hard and are still continuing with their hard work to their best so that the local business could set up their marks on the Google maps and the businessman can use the internet connectivity to the best and contribute to ‘DIGIAL INDIA.’

Digital India is an initiative by the Government of India to ensure that Government services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing Internet Connectivity.